The complementary color mix that you must know before painting

Complementary colors are secondary and tertiary colors which are created based on a combination of primary colors. Complementary color combinations can also create an interesting combination. Examples are colors like blue and orange or purple and yellow and so on. Sometimes combining two very contrasting colors becomes quite difficult because it has different characteristics. However, if this method works then the results will be extraordinary and make yourself amazed. In the meantime, you may go to if you’d like to hire a trusted exterior painting service.

Aside from that, mix wall paint with furniture

If you want to combine several colors of paint to break the house, you need to pay attention to the selection of home furniture colors. Because the collaboration of several colors that are not coherent can cause the house to look chaotic and uncomfortable. Propose to choose different furniture colors with wall paint colors so that each of them highlights each other’s charms. As a tip, you can choose colors with a family that is the same as the example if you use the color of the blue mix wall you can choose furniture that is close to like turquoise. Or you can also choose a contrasting color so the room gets more cheerful, for example, if you choose a bright turquoise color combination you can use red for home furniture.