Repairing the title of the old content for SEO rank

Having a good title means that your content is 50% successful. In terms of SEO, using a good title will be able to increase your page rank. Apart from that, visit if you need t hire a great SEO service to improve your website’s rank.

The above statement can be seen from two sides:

Human interest with titles
The existence of keywords in the title
For the second point, the keyword in the title will make Google assume that our content matches what the user is looking for.

Therefore the existence of keywords in the title will increase your ranking.

The title is one of the most important factors on-page SEO.

I want to emphasize the first point.

Rand Fishkin from Moz conducted a study of the effect of the number of clicks on the search page on the increase in their content ranking.

If your page is ranked lower but gets more clicks than the one above, then chances are you will overtake them.

So the conclusion, make an interesting title for humans so that they are lured to click on your own page.