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Non-Climate Controlled Storage and Mobile Storage: Choose Your Own!

Currently, self-storage services are growing rapidly along with human needs, one of which is North Phoenix Self Storage. Self-storage is needed when someone is moving to a new home so that it requires a temporary shelter for their belongings. Especially if the new house is not ready for use. You can rent one or two self-storage rooms to accommodate items, while you can stay at a hotel or family home until your new home is ready to be occupied.


There are several types of self-storage that can be rented, so you must pay attention to the types of items that will be stored. Don’t get it wrong to rent storage for storage. Here are two types of self-storage that are often used by people:

– Non-Climate Controlled Self Storage
This room is usually cheaper than climate controlled because you will not be given the facility to regulate room temperature. The room provided is only really like an empty garage. This room can be located indoors or outdoors and is usually used to store insensitive items such as vehicles. One thing to note is that the room temperature you rent cannot be regulated cooler in the summer or warmer in winter. So do not store items such as paper, wood, cloth or certain metals that are flammable.

– Mobile Storage
For this type of storage, you don’t have to go to a particular company. They will send containers to your home or office. When the container is empty, you can contact the company and they will bring it back. This type includes non-climate controlled and you cannot access it until the container is given to you again. In short, you are not free to access it.

Those are the two types of self-storage that can be rented. Before renting a type of self-storage, you should check the type of items that will be stored. Try to separate sensitive items, such as flammability, so you can determine whether to rent a self-storage controlled climate or not.