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These Three Temples You Must Visit When You Are in Thailand

When you want to take a vacation, there will definitely be many tourist attractions that have been included in your vacation list, then all you have to do is choose the most appropriate one. One of the attractions that always attracts attention is Thailand. You can use the services of Car Rental Thailand if you are confused about what transportation to go there. That way, there will be a driver who will take you to get around Thailand.

Thailand is known for the many temples you can visit. In fact, there are some temples you have to go to when you are in Thailand. Some of these temples are

1. Wat Yannawa
The attraction of Wat Yannawa is its very unusual shape. The Wat Yannawa Temple located in Bangkok is designed to look like a Chinese boat. This temple was built on the order of King Rama III with the aim of honoring ships which in the past brought so much prosperity to the kingdom.
Its location is on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and is an attractive place for locals during the annual Loy Krathong Festival. Stop there to see the greatness of this architecture right in the center of Bangkok.

2. Qat Rong Khun
Made at the same time as the famous Thai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, this temple combines two traditional themes and modern influences at once.
Visitors will also see the hands of Wolverine, Aliens, signs of peace, weapons and various strange and unique allusions in the temple built in 1997-2008.

3. Wat Buppharam
Wat Buppharam, which was built in 1497 during the reign of King Lanna Muang Kaeo in Chiang Mai, features Disney cartoon characters Donald Bebek who is standing and eating a bowl of noodles in the garden. Actually, besides Donald Duck, there are many statues with strange characters scattered around the temple, including paintings, stairs, an emerald Buddha and beautiful traditional books.