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Homage vs replica watches: Know the difference

Homage vs. replica, what’s the difference? often this question comes from the watch hobbyists. Both the homage and replica watches both use a particular watch design that is quite in demand in the market. However, the homage luxury watches are more respected among hobbyists than replicas. Replica watches are considered only a replica or roughly a fake form of an imitated watch, this time we will discuss the differences between the two.

The term homage watch itself is actually more intended for respect for certain popular clock designs. So the homage watch is actually a tribute to other watches.

Homage is not only made micro, big brands sometimes make homage watches that use popular watch designs. The pengoby homage watches usually assemble their own clocks, buy parts separately and then assemble them into the desired watch.

While the replica clock is an artificial clock from the original version. Replica clocks are usually made by manufacturers that are specialized in making imitation watches. Replica clocks are usually also owned by collectors who want their original watches to remain safe. Replica clocks also have many manufacturing qualities. Replica clocks that are quite expensive are usually able to mimic the details of the original body clock quite smoothly. But there are still differences with the original watch.